Who is this software for?

Our software is for small an mid-sized businesses who want to improve their business operations. Bill Talent works for almost all B2B and also many B2C companies.

Best scenario is where a company sells services that are sold manually, not via Internet subscription. Here is a few examples. Cleaning company that cleans once a week with a fixed monthly rate. In addition they might add some billables every now and then.

We have dedicated segment in our blog where we go through how Bill Talent works with different segments.

How does Bill Talent differ from subscription services such as Zuora & Chargify?

These services are meant mostly for allowing you to provide automated buy-in process for your customers online. They provide a platform that you can bolt on to your website. Bill Talent on the other hand is a tool for your sales team and customer support. New contracts are added manually when a new client is attached or a new service is bought. Many business’s rely on manual B2B (or B2C) sales and contract management.

Who is your software not for?

Mostly not for Business-To-Consumer companies that work with cash and credit card transactions such as restaurants and merchants. But it might work for companies who sell to these restaurants and merchants!

Where did we come from?

This software has it’s roots in a similar software that was created for the founder’s IT-services company in 2011.

When will you launch?

Our plan is to launch the features listed here by the end of Q3 2019. Please leave your info so we can inform you about our schedule.

What are your plans for the next five to ten years?

Our first goal is to extend our abilities when it comes to invoicing methods and processes. Most importantly time tracking and quoting. Then it is to the extend the universe with Apps and an API.

We shall also integrate to more accounting software and other type such as CRM and ERP.

Can I use Bill Talent as a standalone billing solution?

Not for now. We are aiming first to give additional functionality to Xero, Quickbooks & Freshbooks users. In the future you might be able to send invoices directly to customers. That being said, you should use definitely use a full fledged accounting solution!